For Abe Paquette, it was just time to make a move.
And move he did.
Paquette, owner of Performance Seed and InsuranceAgency, is in the process of moving his business to Medford. On Aug. 1, he began renting a space next to the Medford Post Office.
Paquette began selling seed about seven years ago and added the insurance component to his business about three years ago. Since starting his business, he’s added a variety of services and products to his business, including motorcycle, auto and crop insurance along with chemicals, fertilizers, sprayer parts and Enduroplas products.
“I’ve got a little bit of everything. I try to offer something for everybody,” Paquette said on Monday.
The process of searching for a place to house his business has been a long one for Paquette, who said moving the business was something he’s contemplated for about a year. Until last week when he moved the business to Medford, he had been operating out of his own home.
“I chose this because I needed to get a little more exposure. I was working out of my home and the business was kind of overtaking the house with all the paperwork I had,” Paquette said. “I needed to get out of the house. I wanted the location and the exposure so people would know what I carry. Instead of me being out there all the time, maybe people will start to come to me.”
Paquette’s customer base currently consists mainly of farmers, who are spread out around Steele, Rice, Goodhue and Dakota counties. He said he’s hoping to expand his business area. With the move, he said he’s hoping to increase his business by about 50 percent and gain clients beyond the agriculture field.
“I’ve got all the products, now I just need to let people know about it,” Paquette said. “I hope to get more from the non-farming group with motorcycle and automobile insurance and other things I’ve picked up through Progressive.”
With hopes of growing his business, Paquette said he is currently in the process of hiring another employee to help him out. He said when he saw the space was available, he didn’t hesitate to act on the opportunity.
“I drove by one day and called the number. We worked out the details and here I am,” Paquette said as he was in the process of sorting through files he was moving. “I took over Aug. 1 and I’m just moving the stuff in as we speak.”
Paquette has set a tentative set the date for his grand opening celebration for Sept. 13, although he’s hoping that isn’t a bad omen, as it will be Friday the 13th.
“I never even thought of it until a buddy of mine said something,” Paquette said with a laugh.